Make your own Trekka!

Yes the Trekka is now available as a 1:43 resin kitset.

It has been created by the clever chaps at Resin Labor in Poland and I am ordering in batches to keep the costs down. These are very detailed, high quality kitsets. Painting, glue etc is up to you. I'm not clipping the ticket on these, I just want people to enjoy them.

Here's what the kitset looks like and there is a completed model in the picture to show what you can aspire to. It's not my work - it's by someone who knows what they are doing. (And the completed model is not what you're buying - that's the grey kitset) Let's know if you are interested, there might be delays between batches arriving.

Front view of a completed Trekka model

Display of various parts for a Trekka model kit

Back view of a completed Trekka model

The Trekka in Lego

It had to happen, the Trekka in Lego!

This masterpiece by Kiwi legomeister Gareth can be found in more detail on the Lego website.

Small blue lego model of a Trekka