Chapter summary

Part social history, part motor industry nostalgia, THE TREKKA DYNASTY follows threads from the start of the 1900’s which wove together to create New Zealand’s only homegrown production motor vehicle.

These threads include the enterprise of English carpenter Arthur Turner and his stepson Noel, the all-powerful grip in which post-war New Zealand Governments held the manufacturing industry, and the myriad of controls which created the most distorted new car market in the western world.

All would converge in the 1960’s to give birth to the Trekka, an awkward jeep-like vehicle with Kiwi clothing and a communist heart. For a time, a new motor vehicle was finally within the grasp of nearly every New Zealander. And from there the world.

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1. Art and Academia


2. The Immigrants


3. Bradfords


4. Exit Jowett


5. Volkswagen


6. Mr Volkswagen


7. Noel


8. The Beetle Years


9. Branching Out


10. The Feud


11. The Dream


12. The Float


13. Skoda


14. Trekka


15. The Market


16. Selling Trekka


17. Friends in High Places


18. Trekka Troubles Trials and Tribulations Club


19. A Trekka in the Family


20. Southern Mates and Battletruck


21. Secret Service


22. Czech Mates


23. Vietnam


24. The Nova


25. Noel’s Decade


26. OE


27. Trouble at Home


28. Final Drive


29. Post Script